“Craig, I would like to say "THANKS" for helping me to lose weight and to get back in shape.  I am now finally able to wear some of my clothes that were previously too small, and I like the way my body is looking (more muscular).  I will most definitely continue the "clean" eating that my body is now accustomed to. Your program works... as long as one remains committed!”
Dr. Sean Knowles!!!

"I love how your program is set up, the different locations, the time options and the different things we do at every session, it’s an awesome program! The various challenges and programs you offer like the 7 Day Detox and 30 Day Challenge are gifts from heaven. Didn’t know I had it in me to have smoothies for breakfast and dinner and not feel hungry after.
Since Joining Outdoor Fitness I have lost around 25 lbs. I have more energy, I don’t feel so tired and I just love the results I have seen so far!

I thank God for Craig and Outdoor Fitness!!"

Rhodnia Johnson

Thank you for your amazing 30 Day Challenge. I know if I had not participated, I would still be at my original, unacceptable weight. I have proven to myself that with determination, hard work and following the plan combined with the excellent encouragement and skill of an talented coach (that's you!), it is possible.  Having lost 16.8 lbs, I am at least two dress sizes smaller!

Shawn Turnquest

I got some more good news.... Not only has my blood pressure dropped to 120/80 but I got my blood work back today from my annual check up and my cholesterol count went down from 186 in June to 154 in Nov!!! Awesome eh bro??? Outdoor Fitness Bahamas exercise sessions and diet does work,” Clarence Harrison.


"Outdoor Fitness Bahamas has truly changed my life in just a few months. I have been overweight most of my life; pleasantly pump as a child and obese as a teenager which resulted in juvenile onset diabetes at age 16. The diagnosis motivated me to lose weight and I become a “yo-yo” dieter ever since and have tried every type of diet there is.

After my most recent cycle of weight gain, I was motivated to finally learn how to become healthier and lose weight for good!! Outdoor Fitness Bahamas and trainer Craig Walkine was God sent. Since joining the program in April 2015 and participating in the 7 Day Clean Eating Detox and the 30 DAY CHALLENGE I am proud to say I’ve lost 50 lbs and feel great!

OFB has thought me the importance of healthy eating and exercise. My key to success is to exercise at least 3-4 times per week, eat very low sugar and no refined carbohydrate foods and to find new foods that are healthy that I love to eat. I do not feel deprived or like I am on a diet; instead I love my new way of life!!

Warm regards,"
Nikeisha Smith

"I joined outdoor fitness Bahamas the end of January 2015. Exercise was always a chore for me! However, when I joined the group it became fun and I was always looking forward to going. Even on my off days I find myself exercising. When I started - the 30 day challenge was about to begin. Of course I had to give it a shot! I did well and lost almost 15 pounds. To date, I have lost a total of 31 pounds, feel great and went from a size 16 to a size 10 in my jeans. Thanks so much to Craig Walkine for such an exciting outdoor fitness group and his continuous motivational support! �I am so happy I joined outdoor fitness. I have found myself to be much more confident, energetic and happier. Thank you Craig!! "

Jennifer Knowles

"I can't say enough about Outdoor Fitness Bahamas. Today at 51 years old, I am down to a 32 inch waist from a 36. I weighed close to 239 pounds and I'm now under 200 pounds. I'm on no medication, my pressure is normal and so are my blood sugar and cholesterol levels. All thanks to Craig and Outdoor Fitness Bahamas", 
Clinton Cartwright.

“Reflecting back to my first workout with Outdoor Fitness Bahamas two years ago on Arawak Cay, I remember being so out of shape I could not get down on the mat to do bicycle crunches without feeling some discomfort,  or lift my legs to do a V-Up crunch. I was embarrassed at the shape I was in. But I didn’t quit. Now, here I am two years later, and in the best shape of my life preparing to run my 6th half marathon next weekend and first full marathon this October. Outdoor Fitness Bahamas’ program is a life changer and I’m looking forward to getting stronger, faster and more fit. Thank you, Craig and the entire OFB team,”

Linda Clarke, OFB Warrior!.